2018 Reflections

In 2018, the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation was able to provide over $900,000 to over 50 nonprofits. The scope of support we’ve offered spanned scholarship awards for student leaders, disability employment awareness, science and learning, tolerance, education and arts and culture. Each project we supported shared a common thread – the spirit of our grantor – with a mindfulness towards impact, effectiveness and sustainability.

We enjoy a partnership with our grantees, enabling us to track the progress of our support and to see the change made possible by investing in a cause. The needle doesn’t move on its own however, so therefore we want to acknowledge the hardworking staff of these nonprofit agencies, who, without fanfare or fluff, work tirelessly to bring their visions to reality and affect change for the communities they serve.

We hope you will be inspired to volunteer or donate to a worthy nonprofit in 2019 as what you get back is far greater than one can ever give.