Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

The mission at Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW) is to transform the last remaining laboratory of inventor Nikola Tesla into a museum and global science center that empowers people through education and entrepreneurship and continues Tesla’s legacy of innovation and humanitarianism.

The Claire Friedlander Foundation is pleased to support this mission in ways that are having a real impact. Innovative new education programs are reaching more students and educators, both locally and globally. Teslamania, a day-long event in which teachers presented their most successful science projects, was broadcast around the world and recorded to provide a real-world tool for learning. Funding from the foundation has also enabled TSCW to take STEAM to the next level by funding educational events that focus on experiential, experimental learning for all ages. This includes Tesla Tech Art Camp, a week-long program that explored the inventive and creative process with remarkable results; attendees created draw-bots, electric circuit sculptures, sound and vibration art, and “inventions” that they pitched in an entrepreneurial presentation. Their elementary school programs go beyond traditional rote learning with interactive classes like Fun with Forces, Magic with Magnets, Super Circuits and more. In addition, the foundation also supports year-long events and exhibits at TSCW that inspire and educate thousands of people around the globe; these feature hands-on exhibits, educational talks, arts and history that promote innovation and betterment of humanity as exemplified by Nikola Tesla.

Foundation President Peter J. Klein states “in addition to education programs for students, we are excited to fund the development of resources and support for entrepreneurs, business start-ups and technologists. There is a great need for programs that provide opportunity for STEAM entrepreneurs who are challenged to develop and fund their work.” Klein says, “Together, The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation and TSCW are working to transform lives by giving people the resources and opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams.”