Huntington Hospital Covid Support

Claire Friedlander Family Foundation’s most recent grant to Huntington Hospital supported the work of their courageous frontline caregivers and aggressive COVID-19 response.

Huntington Hospital is an essential resource for the community as they utilize grants to expand telemedicine programs to treat seniors and immunocompromised individuals who are homebound and provide gravely ill isolated patients a way to connect with loved ones through technology. In addition, funding aids their ability to purchase PPE, ventilators, HEPA filters, dialysis machines, as well as expanding their capability to create negative pressure rooms and increase access to oxygen farms. Funding is also provided for novel research at the Feinstein Institute that provides critical knowledge of disease and benefits patients and thought leaders around the globe.

“It is important to the foundation to continue to provide financial support to Huntington Hospital that make lasting and meaningful impacts on their ability to sustain momentum during the pandemic,” said Claire Friedlander Family Foundation President Peter J. Klein.”

For more information visit Huntington Hospital Northwell Health