The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, as a legacy agent, frames our giving in the spirit of our grantor – and does so with a mindfulness towards impact, effectiveness and sustainability. We serve to partner with our grantees and fellow philanthropic leaders in a fashion that promotes collaboration and transformation.

We believe that, in its most elegant form, we are investors – investing in the nonprofits we support – and in doing so pay special attention to these “investments” to insure they flourish and achieve their objectives.

Recent News

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Waterkeeper Alliance Working for Clean Water Worldwide

The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation is proud to support Waterkeeper Alliance, a nonprofit whose mission is to strengthen and grow a global network of grassroots… Read More »

Long Island’s Best: Young Artists at The Heckscher Museum

The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation is a proud supporter of The Heckscher Museum of Art’s K-12 arts education programs that reach students in nearly 70… Read More »

Grant for Powerful New Genome Sequencer at Cold Spring Harbor Labs

The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation recently pledged a very generous grant for a powerful new genome sequencer located at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's (CSHL)… Read More »