STEM Programs Are Important for Our Children!

Educating our children in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM, is vital to the success and growth of our country. The directors of The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, Peter J. Klein, Adam J. Gottlieb, and Irene M. Klein, recognize the importance of having STEM programs accessible to students. Through a grant given to The Long Island Children’s Museum, the foundation is helping to provide educator workshops.

Why are STEM programs so important? They lay the foundation for children to learn and develop an interest in the fields of study that will drive the growth of our country. When you think about it, STEM can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. The world around us is science. Weather, agriculture, biology, etc. There can be no doubt that technology plays a huge role in our children’s lives. From smartphones and video games to the ability to Skype with people all over the world right in the classroom! Buildings, roads, transportation, appliances are just a few examples of products of engineering we see daily. Of course, mathematics is everywhere from the grocery store, paying bills, to scheduling equal turns watching t.v.

Not only do STEM programs help children understand the world around them, but they help prepare them for successful futures as well. According to the U. S. Labor Department, the 10 fastest growing occupations from 2008-2018, and their median wages are:

  • Biomedical engineers, $77,400
  • Network systems and data communications analysts, $71,100
  • Home health aides, $20,460
  • Personal and home care aides, $19,180
  • Financial examiners, $70,930
  • Medical scientists, except epidemiologists, $72,590
  • Physician assistants, $81,230
  • Skin care specialists, $28,730
  • Biochemists and biophysicists, $82,840
  • Athletic trainers, $39,640

STEM programs can be the start of the journey to these careers. For information on the STEM programs at The Long Children’s Museum, please click here.