Keep Kids Minds Engaged This Summer!

Did you know learning doesn’t stop when the final school bell sounds in June? Of course you did. Your children, however, may wish that you would forget. It is possible, though, to keep your children entertained AND keep their minds engaged over the long, hot summer days. The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation supports education in many ways. Our directors, Peter J. Klein, Adam J. Gottlieb, and Irene M. Klein want to help keep the learning going over the summer months so we offer the following tips we found on the Education World website:

  • Teach kids to cook with the step-by-step lessons and recipes at Cooking With Kids. The site also includes measurement reminders, safety tips, and suggestions for involving kids in the cooking process.
  • Make homemade Bubble Solution and experiment with such unique Bubble-Blowing Tools as strings, milk containers, and garbage can lids.
  • Learn about national parks from the comfort of your own home, and encourage your child to complete online activities and become a Web Ranger. Materials are grouped by age and include cool awards and a membership card.
  • Help your child make a set of tangrams with instructions found at the Math Forum’s Constructing Your Own Set of Tangrams. Trace the designs on a piece of paper, mix up the tangram pieces, and use them to create jigsaw puzzles.
  • Take a virtual CampusTour of colleges and universities your high school student might be considering. Tour the schools’ grounds, look at maps, view videos and photos, and request information about those institutions of higher learning. If you don’t have Internet access at home, take your tour at the local library.
  • Staple together pieces of plain paper or use a notebook to help your child make a cartoon flip book. Kids draw a sequence of cartoons and simulate motion as they “flip” through the pages. (Note that the first image in the series should be at the bottom of the stack of pages, and the illustrations should progress from bottom to top.) How to Draw Cartoons offers simple instructions for drawing cartoon figure.
  • Cool down by making Ice Cream in a Bag. The simple technique produces delicious ice cream in about 5 minutes. What ice cream varieties will you and your child concoct?

What will you do with your children this summer? Be sure to let us know by posting on our facebook page and sharing some photos!