The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation New Investigator Fund

The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation has established the “New Investigator Fund,” which would enable Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to utilize this fund immediately for driving the most innovative ideas from trailblazing young scientists. With these funds, they can test novel ideas that would not qualify initially for government grants given the high-risk nature of this work. The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation “New Investigator Fund” provides researchers the resources to think out of the box during the critical peak period of innovation as they start up their labs at CSHL.

“It is important to the foundation that we support the cutting-edge research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,” said President Peter J. Klein. “We created the “New Investigator Fund” to directly offer resources to scientists as they sow the seeds of their research which could ultimately lead to life-changing discoveries.”

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory recently broke ground on a new, $57 million Neuroscience Research Complex, which will allow its lab scientists to further advancements in the areas of neurodegenerative diseases, brain-body physiology, quantitative biology, and neuro-artificial intelligence. Since being founded in 1890, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory located in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, has won eight Nobel Prizes for its breakthroughs in molecular biology and genetics, most notably for James Watson’s and Francis Crick’s discovery of the double helix structure of DNA.

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